Monday, July 6, 2015

"What Is True Love?" In Emoji!

This year's Watchtower convention saw the release of a new summer blockbuster romantic comedy brainwashing video for young people, called "What is True Love?" What's so great about this hot new hit that's got JW youths everywhere talking? The back of the DVD box reads:

Best friends Liz and Megan are both searching for true love, but each one pursures a very different path to find it. 

What are the consequences of their decisions? Will they learn the ultimate key to true love and happiness?

[There's even a snazzy tagline:]
We all make choices; 
some last a lifetime. 

[You know there's something seriously messed up with a religion when it uses a semicolon in a tagline.]

Anyway, for those of you who have neither the stomach nor the patience to sit through the whole thing, a friend of mine who is a regular pioneer in the Portland area has lovingly rendered "What is True Love?" in a format kids will enjoy. Word is out on whether the MEPS system can do anything with it.

With warm love and Christian greetings, I present a new translation of this fine spiritual provision... into Emoji!

😇 Liz, pioneer
👧Megan, inactive
👦Zach, unbaptized
👨John, reaching out bro
 💼🚪 📖 Matt. 24:14


😇 💼🚪 📖
😇 📖☺
👨 📖☺
😇💜 💼🚪📖
😇💜 👨⛪👍
💍👰 💐
💼🚪📖 💜💜💜💜💜
👦👧 💼🚪📖
😇👨📖 bske ✈📖🌍