Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome, ex-Jehovah's Witnesses in Portland, Oregon!

A better life awaits!

Welcome and congratulations! If you are "no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses" or are considering leaving, simply visiting this site could be a courageous step. We applaud you for taking it.

The idea of of even thinking of leaving the organization can provoke very deep anxieties. Fears about loss of family, friends and business associates, not to mention fears about your spiritual well-being — the very ground under your feet — hold many back from leaving. Former Witnesses ourselves, we understand these challenges. Yet, we have also found that it was one of the most worthwhile moves we ever made. Contrary to what we were taught to believe, there is a wonderful life outside The Organization.

This new blog has been set up by concerned, caring, former Jehovah's Witnesses in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Its purpose is to provide support, friendship and a safe haven as you deal with loss of faith and loved ones while entering into the joys and challenges of the post-Witness life. We remain free from judgment — regardless of lifestyle, orientation or personal choices. You are not alone. You are loved!

To find out more, or if you just want to talk, you are invited to email us at theadguy123 (at) yahoo (dot) com or visit our local Meetup group.

50 Ways to Leave the Watchower

Gambling isn't mentioned in the Bible, yet the Jehovah's Witnesses disfellowship anyone who engages in this pastime.

Posted by Joel Gunz

According to the latest Watchtower Index, released in 2009, there are 38 distinct matters for which a Jehovah's Witness can be shunned by the congregation. And this list is not complete: there are even more grounds for disfellowshipping that only the elders know about, which have been conveyed to them by letters from the Governing Body and traveling overseers. For which of these were you disfellowshipped? How many of these are mentioned as shunnable practices in the Bible?

It isn't quite 50 ways, but what the heck:

Associating with disfellowshipped persons, including family members
Blood transfusion
Dishonest practices
Working at a casino
Employment violating Christian principles
Extreme physical abuse of family members
Fits of anger
Following mourning customs that involve false worship
Greed in relation to bride-price
Gross uncleanness
Incestuous marriage
Loose conduct
Obscene speech
Non-medical use of marijuana
Parents condoning immorality
Planned adultery to break Scriptural marriage ties
Promoting sects
Selling tobacco
Sexual abuse of children
Subversive activity
Use of illicit drugs
Use of tobacco
Willful nonsupport of family